Dalhousie Sports Research and Fellowship Dinner

by Michaela Boutilier / 29 July 2016 / No Comments

On July 28, 2016, Doctors Ivan Wong and Cathy Coady and their sports research team hosted the biannual Dalhousie Sports Research/Fellowship Dinner at Café Chianti, in Halifax, Nova Scotia. They welcomed their research advisor, Dr. Mark Glazebrook. Other attendees to note were Dr. Doug Legay; Dr. Mark Sorhaindo; outgoing fellow, Dr. Eyal Amar and the incoming fellows, Dr. George Konstantinidis and Dr. Bashar Rada.

Various residents, fellows and orthopaedic surgeons presented their current research to all in attendance and a short discussion followed. Dr. Amar presented on the topics of “Arthroscopic Treatment of Anterior Shoulder Instability with Glenoid Bone Loss Using Distal Tibia Allograft Augmentation” and “Treatment of Large/Massive Rotator Cuff Tears Using Human Dermal Allograft (GraftJacket)”, and culminated his fellowship capstone presentation. The incoming fellows, Dr.  Konstantinidis and Dr. Rada were both welcomed. In the next year Dr. Konstantinidis and Dr. Rada will both learn and practice alongside both Dr. Wong and Dr. Coady in the OR. They will also have the opportunities to participate in various research projects.

At the end of the dinner Dr. Wong and Dr. Coady presented Dr. Amar with a certificate and gift to recognize the completion of his fellowship.

Dr. Wong and Dr. Coady, and their sports research team would like to thank Bill Cooper and Bioventus for their generous support.