Sushmita Chatterjee

Practice Coordinator

Sushmita Chatterjee is the Practice Coordinator for Dr. Ivan Wong.

Her responsibilities include handling all phone calls, booking appointments in the office as well as surgery appointments. She books the injection clinics and does the billing for each appointment and surgery. Sushmita assists with all aspects of administrative management, equipment ordering, and typing dictations.

Sushmita is in the office Monday through Friday to answer all questions and book appointments.

Jalisa den Hartog

Research & Fellowship Assistant

Jalisa is helping Dr. Ivan Wong with everything research based. She schedules all appointments and meetings regarding research and helps with studies and grants.  She is also helping Dr. Wong with everything fellowship based, such as taking applications and setting up his fellows for each year.

Ryland Murphy

Research Aide

Ryland is a Research Aide for Dr. Ivan Wong.

Ryland is helping Dr. Ivan Wong with a variety of research and office related duties. He assists with studies, grants, and scheduling research meetings.