No problem referring him to family and friends

Dr. Wong is so personable and comforting, and takes the time to explain everything. I have no problem referring him to family and friends. I cannot say enough wonderful things about him. The surgery he did on my shoulder changed my life and gave me back the use of my shoulder 100%.” -G.B.

Always puts the patient’s safety first

Dr. Wong is very good at what he does, and always puts the patient’s safety first. He is very clear, and explains the whole procedure very carefully. I have no anxiety knowing I will be in his capable hands. Thank you Dr. Wong!” -K.C.

A great surgeon

Everyone should be so lucky to have Dr. Wong operate on them. You are not rushed, you have time to ask questions, and he is so helpful and honest. He is a great surgeon.” -O.P.

He has given me hope for my shoulders

Dr. Wong just did my hip surgery, and now has learned a new surgery from Spain that he is going to try on my shoulders. He always explains everything that is going on, as well as any potential risks and benefits. Only 2 weeks after my hip surgery I feel better than I have felt my whole life, and he has given me hope for my shoulders. He is simply the best.” -P.S.

Young, smart, wonderful doctor

Dr .Wong was very professional, and went through each procedure with me. He was able to repair my shoulder, and is very optimistic of my recovery. I am excited at the hope of full recovery. Thank you, Dr. Wong: young, smart, wonderful doctor.” -S.E.

Knows exactly what he is doing

Dr. Wong is a young, experienced physician who knows exactly what he is doing. He did my surgery and he was amazing. I highly recommend him.” -A.P.


Definitely going to have my other shoulder done

For years before my shoulder surgery I was taking upwards of 12 pills a day for static pain, this number only increasing with activity. Since stopping the dilaudid they gave me post-op, however, I haven’t had to take so much as a single tylenol. I had less pain the day after surgery than as far back as I can remember, almost non-existent in comparison. I am going to call this a serious win, and I am definitely going to have my other shoulder done.” -C.H.