VIII International Course Arthroscopy, Shoulder and Sports Medicine

by Michaela Boutilier / 23 October 2015 / No Comments

 In October, 2015, Dr. Wong was an international guest speaker at the VIII International Congress of  Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine in Cartagena, Columbia. During the conference, he gave several presentations focused on articular cartilage, shoulder instability and rotator cuff repair. Full presentation titles are listed below:

  • Use of patches in injury of cartilage of the shoulder
  • Shoulder biologic resurfacing in osteoarthritis
  • Microfracture: what’s new?
  • Arthroscopic CarGel application
  • Anatomic glenoid reconstruction
  • Augmentation in revision surgery: do allograft patches work?
  • Arthroscopic reconstruction of glenoid bone defect: when and how?