Shoulder Surgery


1 to 2 Weeks Before Surgery

Pre-Op Clinic

  • If you have underline medical problems you will be scheduled for a visit with a nurse or doctor to review your current health and medical requirements for surgery. If you are healthy with no underline medical problems this is not a requirement. You will need a general anesthetic for surgery (sleep throughout the operation).

Pre-Operative Physiotherapy

  • You will need to book a pre-operative appointment with The Physiotherapy Education team for 1-2 weeks prior to the surgery in order to get your brace (if prescribed), crutches and any other items recommended ready to bring to your surgery. This appointment will have you physically and mentally prepared for your upcoming shoulder surgery.

Night Before Surgery

  • No food or drink after midnight before surgery.

Day of Surgery

Mobile Phone/Home Phone

  • Keep your phone nearby and be prepared in case you are called to come in early as the times in the operating room can change.
  • You will normally need to be at your surgery 3 hours prior to the scheduled time.

After Surgery

  • Follow-up appointment will regularly be booked on Monday, 2 weeks after your surgery at the Halifax Infirmary Fracture Clinic (4th floor).

Booking Follow-up appointment

  • The Fracture Clinic Booking Office will call you a few days after your surgery to book your follow-up appointment. If you do not hear from them don't hesitate to call them at (902)-473-4166. Please note if this appointment is more than 14 days after your surgery you will need you have your stitches/staples removed by your family doctor.

What if the line is busy?

  • Please leave a message and they will get back to you. Emily or Kate (my secretaries) will not be able to make this appointment for you unless you had your surgery done at Hants Community Hospital or Scotia Surgery. In this case the follow-up would have been sent out to you with your surgery booklet.

Cold Therapy (Blue pad)

  • Use as needed for 2 weeks or longer. This will help lessen your pain after surgery, decrease swelling, and allow you to use less pain medications.

Shoulder Brace

  • Keep on all times including nights for 6 weeks unless otherwise directed.


  • You should already have a prescription for physiotherapy and will need to have a 2-5 day follow-up with The Physiotherapy Education Clinic to have your dressings changed and see how you are progressing. All of this information with be directly delayed onto Dr. Wong.

Routine Visits

2 weeks (Fracture Clinic)

  • You will have shoulder X-rays, stitches will be removed, and physio plan will be reviewed

6 weeks (Fracture Clinic)

  • Your shoulder is just starting to heal, continue physiotherapy as guided

3 months (Fracture Clinic)

  • Please bring a report from the physiotherapist regarding your progress

6 month and 1 year (Fracture Clinic)

  • You will be completing a survey on how your shoulder feels

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I take a shower?

  • 5 days after surgery. Remove gauze and cover incisions with waterproof bandages (you can purchase these from your local pharmacy)

What do I do with my brace?

  • Keep it on for 6 weeks (including sleeping). The Physiotherapy Education Clinic will go over everything needed with you

When can I drive?

  • After 6 weeks, unless otherwise instructed

My surgery video wonʼt work?

  • The DVD is created to only work on a computer (both Mac and PC). You may have to download special drivers to play this video. If it still does not work call Emily or Kate at 473-7626 and they will have another disk mailed out to you

Why are there many files of my surgery?

  • Multiple short clips of your surgery are recorded for you to see and hear what Dr. Wong has found and fixed in your surgery

Additional Questions

If you have any questions, concerns, or problems, please call my office. As a last resort for urgent problems, you may go to the nearest Emergency Department if you wish.