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Electives are an option available prior to a fellowship commencing, while the applications are being processed. We strongly recommend arranging an elective opportunity if you are interested in pursuing the fellowship program. 


Formal electives for current students are arranged through Dalhousie University, and you can apply for these here. However, not all applicants interested in the fellowship program are current students. For these individuals, we offer to apply for an observership.

These observerships are an opportunity to come into the hospital, meet the Orthopaedic Surgeons who direct the fellowship program, and to see what our fellowship has to offer. This allows applicants to become acquainted with their prospective supervisors and to demonstrate their knowledge, skills, and attitudes.


Observerships are reviewed on a queued basis, and accepted based on the availability of Dr. Wong and his team. Observational electives can be granted with at least 3-6 months’ notice, but hands on-electives must be scheduled a full year in advance for international applicants and 9 months in advance for domestic applicants.


~Applications for observerships are accepted year-round~


Applications for observerships are reviewed on a regular basis. Acceptance for observerships is dependent on the number of applications in queue and the availability of Dr. Wong and his team to host observers. 

If you are currently a student please use the application form linked here. Otherwise continue to the application below.

The necessary documentation listed above may be submitted via the application form below. Any questions or concerns can be emailed to

*Note: all documents must be uploaded in PDF Format. Those in alternate formats will not be considered for the observership.

Observership Application Form
Upload PDF File
Upload PDF File

Thank you for your application to our fellowship program! Should you be selected for an interview, we will be in touch by January.

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