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This section gives information about hip surgery, physiotherapy pre, post and rehabilitation information


General Information for Hip Surgery

Do I need a prescription for my brace? 
What do I need to bring to my Surgery? 

Yes, you should already have a prescription for your brace and  physiotherapy prior to your surgery 

Prior to your surgery please bring your braces, crutches, ice machine, and Durolane (if prescribed)

When Can I shower? 

5 days after surgery. After you remove the outer white dressing and cover incisions with waterproof bandages 

After 6 weeks when your brace come off, you may drive. Provided that you have been not been instructed otherwise 

When Can I Drive Again?
What do I do with my dressings after surgery? 
How long do I used my Brace and Crutches for? 

Leave on and keep dry for 5 days, then remove dressing with foam pads and place clean waterproof dressing over incisions

Use your brace crutches for the first 6 weeks to ensure your walking pattern is symmetrical 

How long do I need to use my cold therapy unit? 

Use as needed for 2 weeks or longer. This will help lessen your pain after surgery, decrease the swelling, and allow you to use less pain medication 

Routine Follow up

2 weeks 

  • x-rays are taken 

  • Physiotherapy plan is reviewed 

  • Stitches are removed 

6 weeks 

  • Hip is starting to heal 

  • You will be able to do more movement and stretching 

3 months 

  • Bring your physiotherapy report

6 months 

  • Complete a survey on how your hip is feeling 

1 year & Yearly 

  • Survey on how your hip is feeling

  • Visits as required 

Physiotherapy Infographics

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