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Dr. Wong and his research team at Dalhousie Arthroscopy & Sports Medicine recently organized and hosted a three-day shoulder course called SHIP (Advanced Shoulder International Program). This event was sponsored by Smith & Nephew and was broadcast from three academic centres across Canada. The course focussed on the different-

pathologies of the shoulder and the various methods being employed to treat them. These techniques included both arthroscopic procedures and open procedures, which were explained and demonstrated cadaverously in real-time.

Dr. Wong, in addition to orthopaedic surgeons from Alberta, Ontario, and New Brunswick demonstrated arthroscopic and open techniques for treating anterior shoulder instability as well as rotator cuff tears. Dr. Wong demonstrated his arthroscopic anatomic glenoid reconstruction (AAGR) technique for addressing anterior shoulder instability as well as a rotator cuff graft augmentation technique for massive, irreparable rotator cuff tears. The course was broadcast for three days over Zoom and included Q & A sessions as well as live commentary from the panel of contributing surgeons. 

The course had global outreach and was viewed by surgeons, physicians assistants, representatives, colleagues, and research personnel in 20 countries from South America to Europe. Dr. Wong and his team received overwhelming feedback and response from viewers who were impressed with the integrative formatting and delivery. This course offers a promising outlook for the future of remote learning in the face of a global pandemic.

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